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Helping veterans with PTSD in California

Horses helping veterans with PTSD“You get more self-aware because if you're angry the horse doesn't want to be by you. He's going to sense that it makes you become more self-aware about yourself and emotional state you're in...” An East [San Diego] County ranch is offering hope and healing to active duty military members, veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Virginia's Colonial Downs to have 15 Thoroughbred Dates in 2019

Virgina's Colonial Downs to have 15 Thoroughbred Dates in 2019The Virginia Racing Commission has granted Colnial Downs a new license to return live racing to the Commonwealth along with approval to open a 600-unit historic horse racing (HHR) operation in New Kent County.

Study calls for demolishing Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, rebuilding at a cost of $424M

A new Maryland Stadium Authority study calls for demolishing Pimlico Race Course and rebuilding it at a cost of $424 million, according to a summary of the study’s findings obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

Top racetracks in the UK set to host "The Series"

A first in horse racing, CHR’s The Series is a league competition in which high profile teams race for points and millions in prize money over an eight-week period

The Series is scheduled to take place on eight consecutive Thursday evenings from 25 July to 12 September 2019

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Hall of Fame Jockey Gary Stevens Retires

Hall of Fame Jockey Gary Stevens RetiresHall of Fame jockey Gary Stevens on Tuesday said he is retiring immediately from riding after doctors informed him he has a spinal injury that could lead to a far more serious issue if he were to fall. “I had an MRI on Monday and the C-4 is up against the spinal cord,” Stevens said of his examination with Dr. James Tibone. “Tibone didn’t mince any words.

Paulick Report: -- ‘We Believe In The Future Of Horse Racing’: Belinda Stronach Outlines Plans For Company’s Assets

While the lawsuit filed Oct. 1 by Frank and Elfriede Stronach against their daughter Belinda over her management of the family's privately held business and various trusts plays out in Ontario Superior Court in Canada, Belinda Stronach and the management team she has assembled at The Stronach Group are moving forward with strategic, long-range plans for the company's assets.
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