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Racing Future is determined to inspire a new generation of fans to enjoy the sport of horse racing.

Tom Durkin thanks fans for his "wonderful life" in horse racing

Tom Durkin waves a final goodbye before leaving Saratoga for the last time as the track's race caller."There is one person, that is completely and entirely responsible for this wonderful life that I've had the privilege to live in horse racing. I'm happy to say that that person who is responsible for it all, is here at Saratoga today. Right now he's in the backyard at a picnic bench under a pine tree, probably looking up at this very image right now. She's at the top of the stretch leaning over the rail, in a clubhouse in a box seat, at an OTB parlor in Syracuse, at a track in Ohio, in front of computer terminal in California. That person that I express my gratitude to is you, the racing fans, the horseplayers, Thank you for it all. Thank you for everything." Parting words of Tom Durkin, who retired August 31st 2014 after 43 years as a Thoroughbred race caller.

Texas Racing Commission approves wagering on historical races

Texas Racing Commission approves pari-mutuel wagering on historical racesWith a vote of 7 in favor, 1 against and 1 abstention, the Texas Racing Commission approved rules authorizing pari-mutuel wagering on historical races. Commission staff reported that over 13,000 comments on the subject had been received during the public comment period, with about three-quarters in support of the measure. Read more

Horse Racing UK: Scoop6 bet to have guaranteed weekly rollover

Bernard Marantelli: landed Scoop6 plus the record-breaking bonus fundBritain's popular flagship Saturday bet the Totescoop6 is set to undergo a radical makeover in a bid to create more millionaires. In what will be the first major structural overhaul since the six-leg bet was launched in 1999, the number of pools is being increased from three to four with the introduction of a new starting fund that will automatically transfer when the win fund is landed, ensuring that punters, for whom the minimum stake remains £2, have a rollover to play for every week. Read more

EquiLottery is critical for the renewal of the racing fan base

Equilottery: horse racing lottery

EquiLottery CEO Brad Cummings will be presenting his vision for EquiLottery: The Greatest Two Dollars in Sports at the annual Saratoga Institute on Racing & Gaming Law today at 1:30 pm.  Learn more. For an introduction to EquiLottery, read Brad Cumming's Open Letter to the Racing Industry

Ontario Horse Racing: Let's make sure we support this initiative! Click here for what you can do.

Horse Racing: Re-Building the Sport from the Ground Up

OroluceAfter our outside panel of experts decided on the winning entry for our Ideas Contest, I was happy to bring Mike Caggiano in as part owner of our filly Oroluce. Prior to winning the contest I didn't know Mike who owns a small business and resides in Florida. He had also never been a Thoroughbred owner. Click here to read Mike's story as a first-time Thoroughbred owner.

Racehorse names: What's in a horse's name?

Race horse naming

New foal photo postings signal that we are into another naming season. While Thoroughbred birthdays are easy because January 1st is the standard birthday for all racehorses born in the Northern Hemisphere, coming up with a meaningful name for each foal can prove challenging. If you're new to horse racing you may think a name is a name but . . .is it? What's in horse's a name?

Racing Future Ideas Contest

Racing Future Ideas ContestAfter our Ideas Contest winner Mike Caggiano shared his exciting experience as an owner, we re-visited some of the many great ideas that were submitted during our contest. Our challenge, as we saw it in 2010, was to find new ways to help our sport have a future. Hundreds of people showed creativity and took time to submit their ideas, well-known supporters of our sport helped to promote the contest online, and we published a summary of results in August 2010. These ideas, submitted by some of the best minds in horse racing, are as relevant now as they were then. Read the Racing Future Summary Report.