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Horses and Human Health

Hope Farm Granville Lives Up to Its Name

Hope Farm GranvilleSusan Ginise has a heart for horses and helping. As the co-owner of Hope Farm Granville, she put the two together to teach horsemanship and riding lessons to those most in need.

“We teach equine assisted therapy,” Ginise said, meaning children and adults with physical, cognitive and/or emotional challenges come to Ginise for therapy, on a horse.

BraveHearts Equine Center in Illinois Helps Veterans Heal

The stallion kicked out, nostrils flaring. In the ring, it faced off against a 32-year-old former infantryman.

Months ago, Mitchell Reno was sitting in a hotel room with a half-gallon of vodka and dark plans. But this April afternoon found him serenely still as a stallion kicked up sawdust in an arena in Poplar Grove. Slashes across the horse's heaving belly and back revealed fights in the Wyoming wild.

The horse zeroed in on Reno, who wrestles with PTSD and knows a thing or two about scars, the kind you can see and the kind you can't.

Horses Helping 'War' Against Addiction in Montana

Families Benefit from Equine Therapy in MontanaShelly Fyant from Arlee painted circles around the eyes of a horse named Big Medicine on Wednesday night.

"The circle gives us a clear vision so we can see our enemy," she said.

Equine Therapy Aiding Soldiers & Families at Fort Rucker

Soldier Lunging a Horse at Fort RuckerThere are countless methods of therapy used to help Soldiers and family members through difficult times, but helping agency personnel on Fort Rucker aren’t horsing around when it comes to providing the best treatment for those under their care.

Damaged Lives Restored at Georgia Equine Therapy Center

Emily Davidoff overdosed on heroin 26 times before ending up in rehab in July of 2015. 

"I was trying to kill myself," the 24-year-old, now 10 months sober, tells PEOPLE. "I didn't care about my life and I didn't care about anybody else." 

It was during her third stint in rehab that Emily found the desire to keep living from an unlikely source: a horse. 

"This horse had a story just like mine – she was abandoned and alone," Emily recalls. "I never knew I could bond with an animal like that but I cried on that horse before I cried in front of anybody else." 

'Lifesavers' Lives Up to Name for Horses & Veterans Alike

Wild Horse RescueKERN COUNTY, Calif. - Down a windy road, past free-range cows and several farm houses is a place called Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Twin Oaks, California. It's a safe haven for rescued horses and broken veterans.

Diabled Youth Find Solace at Mitey Riders Program

Harry Swimmer with a Mitey RiderAn encounter in Harry Swimmer's local grocery store parking lot changed his life more than 20 years ago.

He met a girl in a wheelchair named Stacy. She was deaf and nonverbal. Swimmer learned she had cerebral palsy.

It gave him an idea.

New Colorado Ranch Offers Equine Therapy

Equine Therapy Dawn Solomon became addicted to horses at a riding stable in Aurora.

Now she hopes that love, along with her counseling degree, can help people with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance addiction.

She, along with investors, is betting a ranch that horse therapy can help.

Colorado First Responders Reap Benefits of EAGALA

Law enforcement experts say post traumatic stress disorder is a silent killer of first responders.
Frank Gale, with Colorado’s Fraternal Order of Police, calls it “the most significant problem facing first responders in Colorado.”

Horses Help the Healing at Missouri Equine Center

Clients at Equine Therapy Center in MissouriKids of all ages and genders are benefiting from an Equine Therapy program in the Ozarks.

"Our students are children that have anxiety or have had a death in their families or their parents are going through a divorce," said Gena Wenger, professional counselor for Nixa Public Schools and H.A.Y. (Horses Assisting Youth) Foundation board member.